Embroidery Team

This is Regina, she is one of our talented embroiderers. She sews the "xoxo" bodysuit and bag. She is a single mother and works to take care of her five children along with her grandson, Jessie that is wearing the "xoxo" bodysuit above. Regina is not only a talented seamstress, but also makes beaded necklaces and aprons to support her family. She is also a child advocate in the community. 


Mama Debra works to provide food, housing, and education for her five grandchildren. She is the definition of selfless, she constantly gives out food and love to all the children around her in the community. She embroiders the "fruit" bodysuit, and she also produces a wonderful product. 


Meet Nasurah, she is kind, caring, and completely selfless. She truly cares about this company and it shows. She is a single mother supporting her children and her parents. Her oldest son is not able to live with her due to financial reasons, and she is working hard to bring him home. 


Meet Scovia, she is the newest family member of freckled love. She has worked hard to catch up with the other ladies, and continues to give it her all to be able to support her daughter, Beeta. Scovia is nineteen and her mother passed away about a year ago. She helps her father care for her nine brothers and sisters.


Prossy works to provide for her two children, she is always willing to go above and beyond for freckled love. Her needlework is always consistent and perfect. Her dream is to be able to have her own piece of land that her family can live on. She wants to be able to pass something down to her son and daughter. 


Meet Rose, she is pretty much a super woman. She does amazing embroidery, and can perfect any design we give her. She has only been doing embroidery for the last five months. She is a single mother of three, and her newest bundle of joy is only two months old. She had to have an emergency c-section, which is very dangerous in her country, but thanks to God and His never ending grace Miracle and Rose are doing great!