Freckled Love

freckled love is about showing love and kindness regardless of how different we are. God has focused the business more on connecting women across the world and less about clothing. We want women to know the ladies that made their babies clothes and to connect with those ladies by knowing their daily struggles to feed their families. The infant clothing and goods are made by single women in Uganda that are working to provide food and schooling for their families. freckled love is made up of eight women, two seamstresses and six embroiderers. The clothing is made in a small room about the size of a one car garage. The room has no electricity so all the light is provided by the sun. When it rains we pull our chairs in so that we don't get wet. We have a mouse that appears daily that has become part of us. Children from the community flood the room every day and receive food and lots of love. Unconditional love is what freckled love is all about. We are a family above all else.